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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interview with J.D. Thompson

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite J.D. Thompson to my blog today! She is a debut author and I reviewed her first book, Silver and Stone, earlier this week. You can find that review here! I was very lucky to ask Thompson a few questions and she very graciously answered them! It was such a pleasure communicating with Thompson and she made my first author request such a pleasant experience.

Silver and Stone is a fresh new twist in the Paranormal genre of Young Adult books! How did you come up with such a new and original story line? How much research was involved with this story?

To be completely frank, I intentionally sought out to write something different. I had read a string of very similar YA novels, all of which seemed to have vampires in them, and couldn't help but feel bored of it all. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed most of them. The problem was they all felt the same. So I started to think of what I would like to read and what would be interesting to see in the paranormal romance genre that hadn't been overdone yet. That's where Lucas came in, followed closely by Alexis. Most of the research I did was for Lucas, as I tried to incorporate some mythology into my own storyline.

What was the most difficult part of writing Silver and Stone? What was the easiest?

At first, finding the time to write was the most difficult. I had just recently had a baby and had yet to learn how to balance it all. I found myself writing at all hours of the night while the baby was sleeping, or even typing with one hand as she slept in my arms. It got easier as she grew older to say the least.

Creating the character's and the world they live in was by far the easiest when it came to writing Silver and Stone. They all had their own personalities and quirks from the get go and sometimes it felt as though they were writing themselves. They took on a life of their own, and I was just the one putting the words on the screen.

Describe the writing process for you. From start to finish, how long did it take to write Silver and Stone? Where is the ideal setting for you to get your work done? Any necessary caffeinated beverages?

While any caffeinated beverage is welcome, my preferred drink is a nonfat skinny latte from a local coffee shop in town. I love them, and if they weren't so expensive, I would have ten a day. When you're a mother of a very energetic toddler with a full-time job and a side career, the coffee definitely plays a major role in your writing process. The best setting for me is at my computer desk in the evening since my house quiets significantly after dark and I rarely get interrupted. I do also write off my laptop, but I tend to get easily distracted if I sit anywhere in proximity to a television. Silver and Stone took about five months to complete, though in the beginning I wasn't writing nearly as often as I did towards the end. Personally, I think writing is like a muscle. If you don't practice and do it often, it's harder to get into.    

I love it when the end of a book has an "ahaaa" moment! Your book by far had the greatest reveal at the end. How hard was it to create that build up without giving everything away?

Admittedly, that was one of my biggest concerns as I wrapped up Silver and Stone. Had I given too much away? Had I not giving enough away? Was I leaving my readers confused? It was hard. I knew I wanted the pieces to fall together only in the last few chapters. Ending the book with several loose ends yet to be tied was also deliberate. There is so much about the Bloodlines series that will only truly make sense in the last installment. I want to keep the readers guessing until the very end.

I really enjoyed the individuality and development of each character in this book. No one fell flat! Do you model any of your characters after people in your own life?

Without realizing it, I put a lot of myself into Alexis. I was first told this by a close friend who pointed out many similarities between the two of us. Her dry sense of humor along with the way she rationalizes every situation she is thrown into closely mirrors my own personality. However, I do believe Alexis is very much her own person. And obviously, the drama in our lives differs greatly.

Speaking of characters, who was your favorite character to write?

Hands down, Lucas was my favorite character to write in Silver and Stone. His inner conflict between good and evil throughout the entire novel was so fun to explore. And in my eyes, Lucas's character only gets more interesting as the series evolves.

When I read, I like to picture the book as if it is a movie in my head. If that is the case, which actors/actresses do you feel would portray the main characters Lucas, Alexis, Logan, and Amber best?

Lily Collins is one of my favorite up and comers in Hollywood and I think she would be a nice fit for Alexis. She's certainly talented enough to carry the weight of the role and the camera totally loves her.

Selena Gomez as Logan would be adorable. It's a little Disney for my taste but then so is Logan.

If Jennifer Lawrence went red she would be a shoe in for Amber. The girl is absolutely stunning.

The most difficult to cast would be Lucas. I can think of some slightly older actors that would meet his description more accurately, however if I'm to stay in the appropriate age group I would go with Douglas Booth.

I loved the setting of Weatherford Preparatory School! Having gone to a private (all girls) girls school myself I can relate to the gothic surroundings. How did you come up with such an elegant and classic setting?

Weatherford Preparatory School is loosely based on Bishop's University located in the Canadian city of Lennoxville, Quebec. The campus is beautiful and definitely encompasses the historical feel I was going for. I used certain aspects of the school that I enjoyed, and let my imagination run free from there.      

A lot of high school stories center around football as the main sport attraction. Why lacrosse for Silver and Stone?

Being from Canada, I nearly chose hockey as the school sport. The problem with hockey was that the story begins in September and, unless Holler Creek was located in the North Pole, it would be nearly impossible to have an outdoor rink at that time. Hockey and lacrosse share some similarities, which is why I ultimately went with the latter.

Without giving too much away, what does the future look like for Alexis and Lucas?

There is no doubt that the series will be a rollercoaster for the pair. Alexis will continuously be struggling between who she is and who she should be, and how Lucas fits into the mix does nothing but complicate matters.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

The publishing world is a rough place for first time authors and it's easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Be prepared for a lot of closed doors. Don't get discouraged when submissions get rejected, because every writer gets a rejection letter at least once in his career. And above all keep writing.


  1. Wow writing a book with a newborn - this author is more patient than me! Loved the interview. I've got this one on my Reader - won it on another blog - and I'm looking forward to it.

    Xpresso Reads
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  2. I'm reading this book right now! So far I like it :)