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Review Policy

If you are an author or publisher and would like for me to review a book for you I would be more than happy to accept. I read mainly Young Adult novels, but occasionally I do pick up a book from the Adult section as well. The genres that I enjoy are:

Historical Fiction

My reviews are my honest feelings and opnions about the book. I am not overtly harsh or negative, as I always try and highlight the positives of any situation, but I will be truthful. My reviews contain a photo of the book, title, author, summary from Goodreads, and my personal feelings regarding the book. I am not a professional reviewer however, and I do not receive compensation for these reviews.

I will accept paperback or hard cover books as I have no preference between the two. I will also accept ebooks. Please contact me at LostAmongstShelves@hotmail.com

In regards to series, I cannot guarantee that I have read every book in the series. Therefore, to make matters easier, it would be best to send any predecessors for that series along with the book to review.

I will post reviews to books closer to publication dates as to not reveal any spoilers. If I receive a book to review I will do my best to read and post the review in a timely manner. Scheduling issues may arise, but I will work to make sure that a review is posted. However, I cannot guarantee that every book I receive will be read and reviewed.