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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Friday (6)

Follow Friday is a really fun feature hosted by the wonderful ladies of Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. Its a weekly meme featuring two up and coming blogs and a book related question for other bloggers to answer. This week's questions is:

If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

OMGosh could this question be any cooler? Or harder to answer?! I would want to eat with basically everyone...and when I say everyone I really mean all the guys I have huge book crushes on. Even though I love me some good female MCs, I'd much rather be sitting across from a swoon-worthy guy with my heart beating a mile a minute while I tried not to embarass myself.

If I had to pick one character though, I would have to go with my original heart throb crush which would be Jacob Black from Twilight. Please don't hate me for still liking Twilight OR for not being an Edward fan. I've just been so in love with Jake since the beginning of this series. I'm way too playful for the serious guys, so I fall easily for guys that love to have fun, can make me laugh, and you can just goof off with. Therefore, dinner wouldn't be anything romantic, I'd probably serve good ole' Italian deep dish pizza, something much more relaxed so we could just hang out. Then maybe he could teach me a thing or two about dirt bikes....

Ok took this way to seriously! Hahahaha! What about you guys? Leave your links in the comments and I'd love to see who you'd dine with.


  1. Hopping through. I am an Edward fan, but Jacob is such a nice guy. It'd be a fun meal. And I wouldn't worry that he would try to eat ME.
    My Hop

  2. I'm not a big Twilight fan, but I can say... the one redeeming thing about Twilight IS JACOB IS HOT AS HELL! GAAAWD, I'D DEFINITELY HAVE HIM OVER FOR DINNER TOO! ;)

    My FF!

  3. Hi & Happy Friday!

    A great answer :)

    My FF, http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. As long as you get him to come over topless! Lol
    New follower, here's mine http://headstuckinabook.blogspot.com/2011/10/feature-and-follow-friday-2.html

  5. Oh I agree with your pick, but the whole baby thing is a little strange for my taste. Maybe a him that isn't, you know, attached?

    Beth ^_^

  6. In the movie I'm team Jacob, the books team Edward. Great choice!

  7. Hopping though. I'm not a big Twilight fan, but Jacob seems like a nice guy.

    Have a great weekend! :)

    Pam @ jellylovesbooks

  8. Great pick. =) And I like Jake a lot better than Edward too. I was an Edward fan when I first started reading the books long before Eclipse was out, but then I went to Team Switzerland and now I jump back in forth between Switzerland and Jacob. =)

  9. I always like Jake better than Edward too! Great answer! I wouldn't mind having that eye candy over for dinner. Thanks for stopping by my FF today.

    New Follower

  10. Good choice, it would be a nice meal I think !

  11. Ah, I love Jacob, too! Very nice choice. His character just seemed like such a good person (and I didn't buy that he would grab Bella like he did in Breaking Dawn. I just think Meyer must've been having an off day ;)) Team Jacob all the way! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope you have a good one,
    Ninja Girl

  12. LOLOL! That picture made me laugh -- especially because my sister always picks the funniest times to walk behind me and see things like a hot werewolf without his shirt on! x)

    And how could I hate you, Kristan? I love Twilight too!! :) Although I have to admit that I was more of an Edward fan in the books LOL!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Kristan! I'm an old follower for sure!

    Hope you have an amazing weekend! :)

  13. Fan-girl'ing over you Taylor Lautner pic up there!

    Have a great week,
    The Duchess Mommy Reads

  14. girl, who cares about female MC??! it always about the tall dark and handsome if I do say so myself haha and Taylor Lautner *cough also Jacob* abs will get him into that category easily ;D

    -thank you&come again.

  15. As long as I am invited to your party, I am fine with you sitting next to him! ;)
    Nice FF!

  16. I love Twilight, too! I really love Jasper the best, though, haha. As for the main guys, I'd have a hard time picking between Edward and Jacob - they both have some really great qualities (and probably an equal amount of turn-offs too, to me at least, lol).


  17. Great pick!! Having dinner with Jacob Black would be awesome :)

    stop by my follow friday!


  18. Aww, no! Edward all the way! :) Though, Charlie might be fun to have for dinner! Or even Alice!

  19. hi!! Love your blog! Hopping thru FF!! New GFC

  20. Hopping through for FF!!! Jacob is definitely mouth watering worthy! Cute Blog! :) Happy Reading!

    Renee@Addicted To Romance

  21. See, Jacob I can totally understand. If you'd been Team Edward, however... ;)

    ...and I've just had to edit this comment, because the prove you're human text I just got was "twili". COINCIDENCE WIN.

  22. I'm not a Twilight fan, but Jacob isn't that bad. Now my opinion of Edward is another thing entirely lol.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)


  23. Mmmm... Hotta hot hot hoot! Jacob is definitely swoon worthy-even if I'm on Team Edward.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  24. And when dinner was over he could totally change and carry you home on his big furry back!

    I chose Ai Ling from Silver Phoenix cos that girl loves to eat!

    New follower hopping through.