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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I haven't done one of these in a REALLY long time, but figured I'd get into the festive mood a little bit early. This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. The Top Ten this week is....Top Ten Authors You'd Like to Invite to Thanksgiving!

First off, kuddos to any of these authors if they could survive Thanksgiving with my dysfunctional family. But, I'd love to have them all over anyway!

1. J.K. Rowling- This is a give in. I think I'd invite her over and just keep feeding her so she'd never leave. And then we'd talk Harry Potter all night long. How EPIC would that be?!

2. Sarah Dessen- Another all time fave of mine. I was lucky enough to meet Sarah on her tour for Along for the Ride. I don't lie when I say she's the sweetest lady ever! I would try to cook up some Southern style food for her (I know she loves deviled eggs) but being from the North and an awful cook I'm not sure how that'd work out. (That's my sister, friend and I meeting Sarah!)

3. J.R. Ward- She's an adult author, but I'm in love with the BDB so she'd have to come to dinner. I'd love to pick her brain on the series and haver her tell me more stories about Rhage and the boys. If I can sneak some info on Thor's upcoming story, even better!

4. Stephanie Perkins- Because who wouldn't want the creator of St. Clair over for dinner?! I think I'd incessantly ask questions about Anna and St. Clair and beg for her to tell me more stories about that wonderful boy. Then I might try bribing her with some Frech croissants to learn a little more about her third book!

5. Richelle Mead- Another amazing author of a fave series of mine. I think I'd sit her next to J.R. Ward so that the three of us could have a paranormal discussion over some mashed potatoes or something. Then I could gush all about Adrian and my love for him.

6. Stephanie Meyers- I'd invite Stephanie over to basically plead with her to write the sequel to The Host. I'd throw in some homemade dessert as some incentive. How funny would it be to see her sweat it out with the author of those badass BDB vamps too? Sorry, sparkles just don't do it for me.

7. Cassandra Clare- Again, I think I'd have to figure out some great bribery foods so I can get my hands on some MI and ID info. She's absolutely wonderful at creating some of the most realistic dialogue and witty remarks in her stories so I know conversation with her would be a blast.

8.Carrie Ryan- What's Thanksgiving without some zombie talk? I'd so have Carrie Ryan over so I could have someone to nerd out with over zombies. Her series was incredible and had two of my favorite elements: romance and the walking dead. So of course, her invite is a must.

9. Veronica Roth- Could she bring Four with her? No serious, I'm in love with that character. She'd be another author that I'd bribe with some turkey just to get info on the sequel. I'd also love to hear more about the upcoming movie. Maybe cast my vote on some of the prospective acotrs?

10. Suzanne Collins-Last, but certainly not least, you have to have the author of The Hunger Games for dinner. I'd probably sit there awe struck with Suzanne, and bumble around like a fool, becuase I just love her writing so much. If I could manage a conversation, I'd go insane with questions about how she came up with one of the coolest stories I've ever read.


  1. I thnk Rowling and Meyer are going to be STUFFED if they attend all these dinners! ;)
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  2. Great list! I'd love to know more about Tohr's book too. How's he going to be able to move on from Wellsie?

    My top ten is here if you'd like a look :)

  3. I picked Stephanie and Suzanne, too! I think all of these authors families are really going to miss them on Thanksgiving, since it seems plenty will be making trips cross country :0) Great list!

    My Top Ten

  4. Nice list! I forgot about Stephenie Meyer!

  5. Perfect line up! This would be a fantastic dinner. Made even better if these authors brought some of their fantastic swoon worthy characters!

    My TTT!

    Happy (early) Thanksgiving!


  6. Ooh, good list! I really should have put Stephanie Perkins and Suzanne Collins on my list too.

  7. Good list. have a great Thanksgiving Day.

  8. Lots of awesome choices here! I'd love to pick the brains of Stephanie Perkins, J.R. Ward and Suzanne Collins.