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Monday, November 7, 2011

Borrowing Abby Grace: The Shadow by Kelly Green

Sent to repair the lives and loves of teenagers on the edge of disaster, smart and sassy Abby Grace has everything going for her, except one thing: a body.

Could you imaging waking up, in the back of a moving van, with no recollection of who you are or how you got there? Terrifying, right? This is the case for Abby, a teenage girl with a very interesting secret. Abby is a Shadow, a being capable of entering another's body and literally taking over in order to solve that person's disasterous dilemmas. In this first story of the Abby Grace eseries, Abby finds herself in the process of being kidnapped and must struggle not only to save herself, but figure out just who she really is.

The author of this eseries, Kelly Green, was sweet and gracious enough to request this review, and I'm so glad she did. This story is a a fast and fun read. Each ebook is relatively short, this one only being 58 pages, but that allows the reader to get caught up in the story right away. Green made a wonderful comparison to this story as being a modern day Nancy Drew, and I couldn't agree more. The mystery and intrigue is palpable as you get caught up in secret after secret, dying to know how Abby is going to solve any. You're thrown into the thick of the story, right along with Abby, which I found to be an amazing writing tactic. It truly feels like you're sitting right along with her, just as lost and confused as to who she is and what mystery she is supposed to solve. With each clue that is unveiled, I was left wondering where this trail would lead us next!

In this first ebook, Abby has taken over Brooke's life, and must try and figure out why someone attempted to kidnap her and where her missing brother, Paul, has been taken. It was really thrilling, following Abby along while she collects clues and tries to unravel each mystery, all while the very cute ghost, Will, tries to steer her in the right direction. I loved Abby's character, she's smart and sassy with an edge to her. Although in a very stressful predicament, she doesn't come across as weak or whiny and therefore I never once was annoyed with Abby. I found her internal dialogue to be witty and hilarious and there were several times that her responses left me either smiling or laughing. Abby was sincerely a very enjoyable character who was so easy to connect with!

I recommend this series to a middle grade audience or for those who love a good mystery. They are definitely fast reads, but the stories are engrossing and leaves you questioning what really is happening to Abby Grace. Green does a fantastic job at giving you just enough detail to leave you wondering right along with Abby, a great exemplification of the author's writing style! There were a few surprising twists as well, that really shakes the story up too! In the end, Borrowing Abby Grace leaves you satisfied and with a sense of accomplishment that you could solve the mystery right along with Abby.


  1. Oh this sounds pretty cool I've been seeing it on IMMs this week. Thanks for the review! :)

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Sounds very interesting! I'd not have guessed that it was so short, though - too many things going on, too many questions to explain! I guess that's why it's a series, in the old serial sense?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ron @ Stories of my life