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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Follow Friday (9)

As always, its time for another Follow Friday. This wonderful meme is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. Each friday two blogs are featured in an effort to expand one's blog. Go and check out both of these sites to learn more!

Question: It's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. so we want to know what you are Thankful for - blogging related of course! Who has helped you out along the way? What books are you thankful for reading?

There are so many bloggers that I've been so lucky to come into contact with since starting my blog 3 months ago. You all have been so wonderfully sweet and made this experience that much better. I really have loved getting to know you all through your blogs. There are a few bloggers in particular that I've loved getting to know.

Michelle from Book Briefs was one of the first bloggers to ever email me. We communicated back and forth and she's been so sweet with answering my blogging related questions. It's really so cool knowing that a blogger with such a large following takes the time to welcome and help those of us just starting out!

Jenna from Fans of Fiction has also been another favorite blogger of mine. She's a complete sweetheart with a lot of similar tastes in books as I do. I've loved emailing back and forth with Jenna and continuing to participate in her meme Must Read Monday. (You all should totally check it out!) She's the blogger I've gotten to know the most and I'm so happy she started this blogging friendship.

Before I even started my book blog I used to follow Amber from Just Your Typical Book Blog. She was one of my few followers when I had a personal blog and have loved her reviews since the beginning. She's absolutely hilarious and never fails to make me laugh with her witty remarks. Her reviews are always honest and she's never lead me astray with a book recommendation. She's another big name blog who still has time to talk with a newbie. I'm so excited that after two years she still remembers me and can freely email with her like old friends.
Lastly, I've been emailing with Rebecca from Reading Wishes after meeting her on Goodreads. She started her book blog up around the same time as I did so it was really fun going through the same technological troubles together. We both bounced ideas and woes back and forth with one another while getting our blogs up and running. It's also really exciting to be able to communicate with book bloggers from around the world with the same love as you do (Rebecca is from Australia).

In the case of books, I'm thankful for each and every book I've been lucky enough to read and enjoy. They are a true passion for me and have open my eyes to another world of imagination.


  1. Happy Follow Friday! Great list and I'm going to have to check those bloggers out! New follower :)

  2. Hopping by to say have a great weekend!

    New Follower :)

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  3. Wonderful post.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Here's my FF Post

  4. Great to have bloggers like that, here's mine

  5. Thankful to be able to read all different types of books as well. :)

    Follower. Come see my Friday, and see if I mentioned You! And have a Great weekend!

  6. There's so much to be thankful for and the list just goes on and on...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Old follower,
    April (Books4Juliet)
    My Follow Friday

  7. Such a lovely thanksgiving dedication:) I couldn't imagine my blog without my friends:)

    New follower:)
    Natshane (Dreamland Teenage Fantasy)

  8. I've met so many people through blogging that I wouldn't have met otherwise. so I'm thankful for that as well. Come visit me as well.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love

  9. Kristan, I promise I didn't look at this before I wrote my post:) But you have to check mine out too.

    Thanks for being you and offering marvelous reviews. You are an amazing individual!
    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

    My Follow Friday

  10. Hi I'm your newest follower. It has been a while since I have done this.

    I am thankful for the bloggers, the authors who have asked for reviews and introduced me to new genres and also the fabulous bloggers who are always quick to offer help and always take time out to say hi or comment on reviews and posts.

    Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

  11. That's an awesome FF! I'm so glad that you made so many book blogging friends! Happy Follow Friday!
    My Follow Friday!!

  12. Adorable blog! New follower, please follow back, I'm trying to get to 500 followers :) http://www.bethebooks.blogspot.com

  13. Haha, I came back to look at this again, and it made me smile even more!

    You're so wonderfully sweet, Kristan!

  14. great answer. It's so nice.

    old follower

    here is mine

  15. Hopping through. I'm grateful for the entire book community. Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. Kristan, thanks for the mention! Thanks for also helping me when I got stuck and just being there in general. Your awesome. :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Great choices and I'm following back :D

    Reading is my cup of tea