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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cover Reveal

I know most of you have probably seen this already up on goodreads, but I just stumbled across it and freaked out! Insurgent has a cover! It makes the sequel all the more real (and its release a bit more attainable now that we know what it looks like). This is definitely one of the most highly anticipated sequels for me and without a doubt a new favorite series.

The cover is amazing and I really like that its staying within the same theme that Divergent showcased. The foggy skyline is eerie and a perfect backdrop to where the story left off. I also really like the tree insignia with the whimsical swirls. The barreness definitely fits with the feel of the story. I'm interested though to see what purpose the tree serves in the coming story. My favorite part of the cover though is the subtitle at the top, One Choice Can Destroy You. Ohhh? Most of the time I'm not too crazy about added lines or questions on a cover. It just feels like they're trying too hard to sell the story off the cover itself, but for this book...totally works. Definitely thought provoking.

Officially cannot wait for May 2012


  1. I really like this cover! I also love how it's very similar to Divergent's. The tree is just absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I like how to fits in with Divergent, I love it! The tree is amazing. It is one of those books which you buy just for the cover!! =)

  3. Ooohhh....that's a cool graphic. Love the cover.
    Megan @ Read It, See It

  4. I love this cover! So much nicer then Divergent