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Monday, January 23, 2012

Must Read Monday

Fans of Fiction

It's been awhile and I've been off my blogging game, but I'm back at it with a Must Read Monday! You all should definitely check this meme out. Its hosted by the sweetest Jenna at Fans of Fiction and features a book category in which bloggers make acrostic poems using the title of the book. This week's theme is... An amazing controversial/banned book

Having no extraordinary abilities,
A boy defies all logic and
Reason to become the most expemplified and
Righteous name in wizarding history.
Youth triumphs evil in Hogwarts and a

Ploy to destroy all goodness is
Overthrown by the boy with the lightning scar.
The trio of teens prove that friendship, loyalty,
Trust and perseverance conquers all and that
Everyone needs a little magic to help chose what is
Right over what is easy.

Ok so I totally had to dust the cobwebs and amp up those creative juices in order to get back into the swing of things. I love this meme and I'm determined to get back into it again!


  1. Great acrostic! I really think you captured everything about the Harry Potter series.

  2. Yes, a sure must read!! Great acrostic especially POTTER section. --btw, you may want Jenna to change your link ..cuz what's there linked to your rainy day acrostic instead of this one.

  3. Great job! I still can't believe there are some people who haven't read this series yet! I like the last E and R.
    I've definitely been off my blogging game too. It's just really hectic at work.
    Glad you're back:)