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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Whoo Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and Bookish! This week's list is...Top Ten Book Endings That Left Me With My Mouth Hanging Wide Open! I've been looking forward to this particular TTT because the majority of my favorite books have endings where my mind feels like confetti because it literally blew it. So here we go...

1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin- I'm still coming off the high from this book. The ending was incredible and such a cliffhanger! I've got so many questions still and can't wait until another book to learn more.

2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver- My heart seriously broke at the end of this book. I'm not much of a crier, but this book made me shed some tears within the last few pages. Again, I'm anxious for the sequel so I can learn what's happening next!

3. Any Harry Potter Book by J.K. Rowling- Every one of these book had my mouth hanging open. What's even more noteworthy that either you 10 or 50 years old, the story literally sucks you in and hooks you. The twists and turns and surprises of these books are unparalleled and each ending was magical for everyone.

4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins- Ok, so my mouth was open for pretty much this entire book. This time it was because of the pain, tradgedy, and gruesomeness of the story. But I absolutely loved it.

5. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom- I read this book when it was on Oprah (I think) and there was all this hype. This is definitely a story whose ending really sticks with you. Its very though provoking and made me analyze a lot about myself, based mostly on the ending. Again, this is another emotional read, but so very enjoyable.

6. Divergent by Veronica Roth- Holy cliffhanger! So much action leading up to an ultimate climax and the story just keeps going! I'm dying to know whats going to happen next. My jaw is still hanging open for this book.

7. Last Sacrafice (Vampire Academy #6) by Richelle Mead- I honestly did not see the ending coming for this book. There was such an intense lead up to this story, and the entire book was action after action, emotion after emotion, all leading up to such a crazy ending. I absolutely love it when an author can surprise me and Mead definitely did with Last Sacrafice.

8. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare- Just like with Last Sacrafice, I did not see the ending coming for this book. For books, its so hard to hide the bad guy and make an unpredictable ending, but I can confidently say that I was shocked as to who the bad guy was in this book. Utterly blown away by the ending and am anxious for December's release of Clockwork Prince.

9. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare- Clare does it again for me in City of Bones. I didn't remotely think for a second that the story was going to end like it did. I was so shocked when the relationship between Clary and Jace was revealed and was literally left reeling by the ending. Double kuddos to Clare!

10. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick- Woa. Woa. And woa. This book's ending was insane. It literally had me on the edge of my seat and trying to guess what was going to happen next to Nora. I have such an investment in Patch, and that last scene? It felt like out of a movie and I was just yelling to know what was happening! Gotta love those cliffhangers.

What books ramsacked your mine, like these did to me? Leave your comments with links to your Top Ten Tuesday posts and I'll make sure to check them out!


  1. #5 is the kind of book I could read over and over again.

  2. Harry Potter will always be one of my favorite series. I go back every now and then for a reread because I love it so much.

    The Hunger Games and Divergent are new favorites for me - and they both made it onto my list this week as well.

  3. I'm reading Mara right now! I'm sooo addicted!!

  4. PS your followers button doesn't seem to be working - I will try again tomorrow!
    PSS I ALSO spend all my money on books and clothes/shoes.. :)