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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme started by The Broke and the Bookish. Its a weekly list related to books and allows bloggers to share their top ten favorites! This week was a freebie and I was able to choose what top ten I'd share. Since this is a new blog and my first meme ever, I think I'll go with...

 Top Ten Hotties from my favorite books!

1. Etienne St. Clair- In Anna and the French Kiss, Etienne isn't described as being the typical gorgeous love interest. Instead, his character is short with charmingly messy hair and crooked teeth. However, its these imperfections that make him so real and obtainable to the average reader. It also doesn't hurt that he's got a British accent which I swear I could actually hear while reading the story. (What girl doesn't love a boy with an accent?) Etienne is sweet and funny and oh so charming which made it very easy for Anna (and me) to fall in love. 

2. Jace Wayland- Oh, Jace! Now here's a kick-ass hero with some amazing one-liners! Jace is definitely appealing with his smooth moves and shadowhunting skills to any girl. His comebacks are always hilarious and made me laugh out loud numerous times. Plus, he sounds absolutley gorgeous in Cassandra Clare's series, with golden hair and long beautiful eyelashes. Add in the fact that he has tattoos while still maintaining this perfection, *sigh*. Normally I don't find cocky guys to be attractive at all, but Jace has the charisma to charm the girls while still stroking his own ego. He's distant and cool, but is the first one to step forward in any situation to save the day. 

3. Alex Fuentes- Can someone say spicey? In Perfect Chemistry, Alex is the perfect bad boy living on the wrong side of the tracks and just trying to help his family survive, even if that means joining a gang. He's got the tough bad boy image down perfectly, with the brooding stare, cocky attitude and motorcycle! However, its when he starts seeing Brittany that we see his softer and more charming side, which made me melt even more. Under that rough exterior we learn that Alex is a gentleman who stops at nothing to protect the one's he loves. I love that Alex is a well developed character, he isn't portrayed as just the sexy male in Perfect Chemistry, but as a loving older brother, jokester, and a loyal friend.

4. Wes Baker- I should really put any boy that Sarah Dessen writes in this category because I fall in love with each book of her's I read. Wes particularly is a hottie who I love because he's a sweet, decent guy and an artist. Although he has a past, Wes is always the good guy in The Truth About Forever. He's the tall dark and handsome type without the ego. I love the interactions between Wes and his younger brother Bart, (especially with the game Gotcha!) and I melt even more when we see how protective he is. When it comes to Macy, Wes is sweet and sensitive and helps her to start living life again after her father's passing. And the scene where Wes finally tells Macy his secret about if he could do anything- ahhh!

5. Four- Its the second time I'm blogging about Four, but he's just that amazing! In Divergent, Four is one of Tris's teachers once she's in her new faction, Dauntless. At first he's very reserved and rough with the new inductees, showing them how to fight and essentially be fearless. He's got a mysteriousness to him as well, which just adds to how alluring he is. However, Four has a heart and we slowly get to see him open up and learn just how sensitive he actually is. Like how he couldn't stand to stay in the training room and watch Tris fight a boy. Or his reaction to his own fear simulation. Four is a definite hero in this book and I'd spar with him any day.

6. Varen- Kelly Creagh does an amazing job in Nevermore constructing a character who is supposed to be cold and distant to everyone, but still keeps the reader attracted. Varen is essentially a goth who dresses in black and enjoys the work of Edgar Allen Poe. When partnered with the cheerleader Isobel, he's less than enthused and begrudgingly works on their English project together. He's got a fantasy-like air about him and is very secretive about his personal life. When we start peeling back the layers of Varen, we learn that he's a much deeper person and the cruelty turns to sweetness. He's very caring and thoughtful with Isobel and when his inner demons start coming out he does everything he can to protect Isobel.

7. Will- Another one of Cassandra Clare's characters made the list! Physically, Will is just dreamy. Intense blue eyes, dark hair, British accent- yes please! As a shadowhunter he also has the athleticism to slay the demon and save the damsel. What makes me love Will even more though are the infamous one liners he has throughout Clockwork Angel. Again, its the guy that can make me laugh who is all the more crushworthy to me. Will is witty, charming, and charismatic which is a perfect blend to mask his inner turmoil and fears. He is a fierce and loyal friend who is the first one to risk everything to save the ones he loves.

8. Patch Cipriano- An angel with a bad boy streak. Patch is that perfect mixture of rebel and gentleman. As Nora's guardian angel, he lives to protect her but along the way falls in love. Now, Patch isn't a knight in shining armor and he has his flaws, but that makes hims all the more appealing. He's tall, dark, and handsome, and again can charm any girl. What I love about Patch, is that he sacrafices his own wants of becoming human, to save Nora, showcasing the good guy that he tries to hide.

9. Catcher/Elias- I kind of cheated on this one and put two guys, but they're both from the same series, Forrest of Hands and Teeth, and it's just too difficult for me to choose which one I love more. Catcher and Elias are both strong male characters in the end of the world Zombie apocalypse who are fighting daily to keep the people they love the most alive. They both make huge sacrafices, throughout the trilogy, risking their own lives for the girls they love. Their heroics are intensely heart-wrenching and makes me wish that I had a guy who'd fight off a zombie hoard just for me.

10. Adrian- Adrian from the Vampire Academy series and now Bloodlines, isn't the guy you'd want to bring home to the parents. He smokes, drinks, and is promiscuous with any lady, but its all to cover up his own personal demons. He's a multifaceted character who isn't just the "lost cause" of the group. Instead, Adrian is actually selfless and loyal with an incredible heart. He puts up a strong front, coming across as a suave and cool sex symbol, but in reality, he is very sensitive and sweet, especially towards Rose. What killed me even more, was when he risks everything to help save Rose and Dimitri, despite being dumped by her.


  1. The hotties that I have definitely read about and absolutely agree with you on--Jace, Four, Will, and PATCH PATCH PATCH (obviously, he's my favorite). :) The others also sound dreamy and I'll have to make it a point to check them out! Great list!

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  2. These are some great hotties. I agree with the Sarah Dessen part. She writes really great boy characters.

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